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anchor to drop anchor or lie at anchor. [1/7 definitions]
asteroid any of thousands of celestial bodies with diameters between one and five hundred miles that revolve around the sun in orbits that lie mostly between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars; planetoid.
bask to lie in or expose oneself to soothing warmth or atmosphere. [1/3 definitions]
bestrew to lie scattered in or on. [1/2 definitions]
border to lie on the boundary or border of. [1/6 definitions]
bullshit (vulgar slang) to lie, exaggerate, or boast to. [1/5 definitions]
consist to have a foundation (in something); lie (usu. fol. by "in"). [1/2 definitions]
couch a large piece of upholstered furniture with a back and usu. with arms, on which several people can sit or one can lie; sofa. [2/4 definitions]
cover to lie on the surface of. [1/13 definitions]
crosswise so as to cross or lie transversely across. [1/2 definitions]
cui bono the legal principle that the responsibility for a certain act is likely to lie with one who had something to gain as a result of that act. [1/2 definitions]
deception the means of causing someone to be deceived; trick; lie; fraud. [1/2 definitions]
dishonest inclined to lie, steal, or cheat; not honest or trustworthy. [1/2 definitions]
dishonesty the inclination to lie, steal, or cheat; lack of honesty. [1/2 definitions]
fable a false account; lie. [1/4 definitions]
fairy tale an unbelievable or misleading statement or account; lie. [1/2 definitions]
falsehood a lie or untruth. [1/4 definitions]
falsify to make untrue or inaccurate statements intentionally; lie. [1/3 definitions]
falsity something false; lie or falsehood. [1/2 definitions]
fanfold paper paper that is perforated to allow folding in alternating directions, designed esp. to lie in flat stacks or bulks for continuous feeding, as into computer printers.
fib a trivial or unimportant lie. [1/2 definitions]