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ball lightning a rare form of lightning manifested in the form of a glowing reddish ball, approximately six inches to a foot in diameter, that moves rapidly along the ground or in the air until it disintegrates.
blue streak (informal) something moving with or as with the speed of lightning. [1/2 definitions]
bolt1 a stroke of lightning. [1/14 definitions]
electricity a physical phenomenon caused by the movement of certain charged particles such as electrons, esp. between points having different electrical charges, and seen in naturally occurring phenomena such as lightning and magnetic attraction and repulsion. [1/4 definitions]
fireball ball-shaped lightning. [1/4 definitions]
forked having a zigzag pattern, as lightning. [1/2 definitions]
heat lightning lightning without thunder, seen esp. on hot evenings and believed to be reflections of more distant lightning.
lightning to discharge lightning. [2/3 definitions]
lightning rod a grounded metal rod placed high on a building to divert lightning by providing a path for it into the ground.
sheet lightning lightning reflected and diffused, often by a distant thunderstorm, that flashes like a sheet of light in the sky.
storm a turbulent condition of the atmosphere, usu. accompanied by rain, snow, thunder, or lightning. [1/8 definitions]
streak a movement or something that moves very quickly in a long, irregular line; lightning or something as rapid as lightning. [2/10 definitions]
thunder the loud explosive noise or low distant rumble produced by the rapid expansion of gases along the path of a lightning discharge. [1/7 definitions]
thunderbird in the mythology of some North American Indians, a giant bird that causes lightning, thunder, and rain.
thunderbolt a bolt of lightning accompanied by thunder. [2 definitions]
thundercloud a large dark storm cloud charged with electricity that produces lightning and thunder; cumulonimbus. [1/2 definitions]
thundershower a brief shower of rain accompanied by lightning and thunder.
zeugma a rhetorical construction in which one word, usu. an adjective or verb, modifies or governs two or more words, although it makes straightforward logical sense with only one, as in "loud thunder and lightning".