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chance the estimated likelihood that a given thing will happen; probability. [1/7 definitions]
fifty-fifty with equal likelihood. [1/3 definitions]
forebode to foretell the likelihood of or be an omen of. [1/4 definitions]
hardly with almost no likelihood; surely not. [1/2 definitions]
hypochondria a pathological preoccupation with the likelihood of becoming ill or with imagined pains or diseases.
on the off chance with the very slight likelihood; against the faint hope.
precancerous having or showing the possibility or likelihood of becoming cancerous.
probability in statistics, a number expressing the degree of likelihood of an occurrence. [1/3 definitions]
prognosis a forecast of the anticipated course of a disease, esp. of the likelihood of recovery. [1/2 definitions]
reinforce in psychology, to increase the likelihood of (a specified behavior) by providing or withholding a reward. [1/3 definitions]
ripstop nylon a nylon fabric in which extra threads have been woven into the pattern to strengthen the fabric and reduce the likelihood of or damage from runs or tears in it.
risk someone or something in regard to the likelihood of loss to the insurer. [1/6 definitions]
tossup an equality of likelihood; even choice or chance.