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affinity a close resemblance; likeness in certain characteristics. [1/5 definitions]
commonality a sharing of common characteristics; likeness. [1/2 definitions]
comparison a basis for comparing or revealing a likeness. [1/2 definitions]
effigy a likeness of a person, usu. sculpted, as on a tomb. [1/2 definitions]
icono- image; likeness.
identity likeness or a point of likeness; similarity. [1/4 definitions]
kinship the state or fact of sharing common ideas, values, characteristics, or the like; likeness; affinity. [1/2 definitions]
phallus an image or likeness of the male sex organ, esp. as a symbol of sexual power or the generative power in nature. [1/2 definitions]
pose1 to take or hold a bodily position, as in modeling clothing or having one's likeness painted or photograph taken. [1/7 definitions]
presentment a representation or likeness, as in art, theater, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
resemblance the state or fact of showing similarity or likeness. [2 definitions]
resemble to have a similar nature or have a likeness to.
similar having resemblance or likeness.
similarity a specific point or instance of likeness. [1/2 definitions]
similitude similarity or resemblance; likeness. [1/2 definitions]
simulacrum a likeness or semblance of something. [1/2 definitions]
spitting image (informal) an exact likeness; spit and image.