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a2 used to introduce one particular thing or person of a group or kind, but one which is not considered known to the listener. [1/3 definitions]
after all used to remind the listener of an important fact or to ask the listener to consider this fact. [1/2 definitions]
as a matter of fact actually; in fact (often used when the information that follows will be surprising to the listener or a rejection of what was said previously.)
blarney skillful or smooth talk, often with some deceit and in an effort to gain favor from the listener. [1/2 definitions]
call-in a telephone conversation between a listener or viewer and a radio or television host, which is broadcast on the host's show. [1/2 definitions]
effect (pl.) sounds or visual images that are used to produce an effect on a listener or spectator, especially those used in film, television, sound recording, and the like to create visual or auditory illusions or elicit a heightened experience. [1/8 definitions]
get across to make (a point or idea) clearly understood to a listener or reader. [1/2 definitions]
jabber to speak or make sounds like speech, quickly or at length, but without making much sense or creating much interest in the listener; babble. [1/2 definitions]
sone a unit of loudness equal to the loudness of a sound of one kilohertz at forty decibels above the threshold of hearing of a listener.