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bicycle a lightweight vehicle with two wheels one behind the other, handlebars for steering, pedals for locomotion, and a small saddlelike seat. (See cycle.) [1/2 definitions]
bipedalism the condition of having two feet or of using two feet for locomotion.
cilium one of the microscopic hairlike structures on the surface of many cells, providing locomotion in single-celled animals and movement of fluid across the cells that line certain organs, such as the lungs or stomach, in complex animals. [1/3 definitions]
eared seal any of a family of seals, including fur seals and sea lions, with powerful front flippers, and hind flippers that permit locomotion on land.
flagellate possessing one or more whiplike appendages used for locomotion, as certain one-celled organisms. [2/4 definitions]
flagellum a whiplike filament extending from certain simple cells, such as reproductive cells or single-celled animals, used mainly for locomotion. [1/3 definitions]
locomotor having to do with locomotion.
pseudopod a temporary protrusion of the protoplasm in certain one-celled organisms or in certain cells of some multicellular animals, used like a foot in locomotion or like a hand to grasp food.
ride to be conveyed or borne by a vehicle or other means of locomotion. [1/16 definitions]
tube foot any of numerous small fleshy tubes on the body surfaces of most echinoderms, such as starfish, used in locomotion, securing food, and the like.