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big picture an overall view or perspective that considers larger or long-term implications (prec. by "the").
black lung a lung disease, esp. of miners, that is caused by long-term exposure to coal dust.
climatology the scientific study of long-term patterns of weather conditions; science of climates.
dwelling a shelter used for long-term residence; abode; house.
freelance a person who earns a living by taking on a variety of assignments, often completed at home, for a variety of employers and generally without long-term commitments. [1/6 definitions]
hard drug any drug, such as heroin, that is addictive and causes long-term harmful effects.
in mothballs out of active use; in long-term storage.
investor one who invests, esp. one who invests at low risk for long-term profit. (Cf. speculator.)
navy bean a small, nutritious, white kidney bean, usu. dried for long-term storage.
sinking fund a fund set aside to pay off the long-term debt of a state or corporation.
space station a large artificial satellite in long-term orbit, designed to be used as a military outpost, scientific research laboratory, or site for the assembly and launching of other spacecraft.
trunk a large strong container, often rectangular and usu. lockable, that can be used to pack goods for long-term storage or transit; chest. [1/10 definitions]