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beading lacelike looped edging, or openwork lace trimming through which a ribbon can be run, as on a garment or cloth furnishings. [1/4 definitions]
cat's cradle a children's game in which a looped string is passed back and forth from the fingers of one player to those of the other so as to form a series of intricate patterns.
crupper a leather strap that is looped around the base of a horse's tail and attached to a harness or riding saddle to keep it from sliding forward. [1/2 definitions]
tat to make looped and knotted lace with a small hand shuttle.
tieback a strip of fabric, braid, or the like, looped around the width of a curtain or drape to hold it open to one side of a window or door.
transfer RNA a small, looped RNA that brings amino acids to a developing polypeptide chain. (Cf. messenger RNA.)
trumpet a brass wind instrument with three valves atop a looped tube that ends in a flared bell, which produces bright, strong, often piercing tones. [1/9 definitions]