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acclaim to approve enthusiastically with or as if with loud applause or shouts. [2/4 definitions]
acclamation enthusiastic applause; loud expression of approval. [1/2 definitions]
acid rock a form of music popular in the late 1960s and early 1970s that has loud, often distorted sounds and harmonies, and lyrics that suggest psychedelic experiences.
altercation a loud or angry argument or quarrel.
backfire to emit a loud noise as the result of inefficient functioning of the engine of a car or other internal-combustion vehicle. [2/4 definitions]
bang a sudden, loud, explosive sound. [1/11 definitions]
battle royal a loud and rowdy or colorful dispute or fight; brawl. [1/3 definitions]
bawl to cry or shout in a loud and insistent voice. [2/3 definitions]
bellow to make the deep, loud cry of a bull. [2/5 definitions]
blare a loud, harsh noise. [1/3 definitions]
blast a loud and startling sound. [3/12 definitions]
bluster to act in a loud, boastful, or threatening way. [2/5 definitions]
boisterous loud, unrestrained, and in high spirits; rowdy. [1/2 definitions]
boo a loud expression of disapproval or derision. [2/5 definitions]
boohoo (informal) the sound of loud weeping. [1/2 definitions]
boom box a portable stereo radio with built-in speakers, a carrying handle, and usu. a cassette or CD player, capable of producing loud sound.
brassy1 loud and showy; ostentatious. [1/4 definitions]
bray1 to make a loud sound similar to such a cry. [2/5 definitions]
bullfrog a large North American frog with a distinctive loud, deep croak.
bumblebee any of various large, furry bees that emit a loud hum when flying or hovering.
call a shout or loud cry. [1/22 definitions]