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asterism a luminous starlike figure that reflected or transmitted light produces in some crystals. [1/2 definitions]
brighten to become or make luminous, bright, or brighter. [1/2 definitions]
fireball any very hot, luminous spherical object, esp. an extremely bright meteor. [1/4 definitions]
lightsome2 giving light; luminous. [1/2 definitions]
lucent giving off light; shining; luminous. [1/2 definitions]
luminance the measure of brightness of a light source or a luminous surface in candelas per unit area. [1/2 definitions]
luminosity the state of being luminous. [1/2 definitions]
nebula a similar luminous mass of stars too far away to be seen as individual bodies; galactic nebula. [1/2 definitions]
nonluminous combined form of luminous.
phosphorus a chemical element that has fifteen protons in each nucleus, that is found naturally only in compounds, esp. biologically essential compounds such as calcium phosphates and nucleotide phosphates, and that can be isolated in various allotropic forms, one of which is a poisonous whitish yellow solid that is luminous at room temperature because of slow oxidation. (symbol: P) [2 definitions]
pointillism a school of painting in late nineteenth century France based on the use of small separate dots of paint which look united and luminous to the viewer's eye.
red shift the tendency of light waves from distant luminous bodies such as galaxies to decrease in frequency with movement away from the observer. (See Doppler effect.)
self-luminous combined form of luminous.
tail something that resembles this appendage in position or form, such as a kite's tail, the luminous trail of a comet, or a fall of hair such as a ponytail. [1/13 definitions]