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bed of roses a condition or situation that is comfortable, easy, or luxurious.
epicurean one who devotedly seeks luxurious pleasure; epicure. [1/4 definitions]
extra an added and often more luxurious thing. [1/7 definitions]
fancy elaborate, luxurious, or highly decorated. [1/14 definitions]
first class the best equipped, most luxurious, and most expensive class of accommodation, as on a commercial aircraft or ship. [1/3 definitions]
highlife a sophisticated, showy, luxurious way of living.
limousine a large, luxurious, private automobile, often driven by a chauffeur. [1/2 definitions]
palace a large, often luxurious home; stately mansion. [1/2 definitions]
posh costly and elegant; luxurious.
second class a class of accommodation on a ship, at a hotel, or the like that is less expensive and luxurious than first class, but more so than third class. [1/3 definitions]
style a mode or way of living, esp. one that is luxurious. [1/9 definitions]
superluxurious combined form of luxurious.
supper club a nightclub, esp. a luxurious one serving fine foods and liquors.
swanky richly outfitted; luxurious. [1/2 definitions]
villa a country house or estate, esp. a large and luxurious one.