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abandon to give up by withdrawing from. [1/6 definitions]
abstraction an abstract or general idea, concept, or term. [1/4 definitions]
abuse a corrupt procedure or custom. [1/7 definitions]
Ac symbol of the chemical element actinium.
accession to catalogue in order of acquiring, as in a library or museum. [1/5 definitions]
accommodate to be or become adaptable; conform. [1/6 definitions]
accouterment (often pl.) one's outfit or equipment, esp. that of a soldier, exclusive of arms and uniform. [1/2 definitions]
accumulator an apparatus in a hydraulic or pneumatic system that stores and regulates the supply of fluid that provides pressure in the system. [1/3 definitions]
acid a scornful tone; sarcasm. [1/7 definitions]
actinide series the series of chemical elements, mostly synthetic and all radioactive, that have from eighty-nine to 103 protons per atom.
addend a number or amount added to another or others to form a sum.
add-on in computing, a supplementary program or piece of code written to alter, enhance, or extend the behavior of a main program. [1/2 definitions]
adenocarcinoma a malignant tumor formed in the glandular epithelium.
ad lib without preparation; in a spontaneous or improvised manner; ad libitum.
aeolian harp a musical instrument consisting of an open box with gut strings stretched across it that produce rising and falling sounds when wind passes over them.
aerodynamics (used with a sing. verb) a science that deals with the dynamics of air and other gases and with the forces acting on objects that move through them.
aeromechanics (used with a sing. verb) the science of air or gases in motion or equilibrium.
affirm to ratify or confirm. [1/2 definitions]
affirmable combined form of affirm.
Agana the capital of Guam.
agaric any of numerous related fungi with gills on the underside of a cap; mushroom.