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antimagnetic unaffected by a magnetic field; resistant to magnetization.
antimatter in physics, matter having particles comparable to those of common matter, but with opposite electrical charges or magnetic characteristics.
antiparticle in physics, either of two subatomic particles that have the same mass, spin, degree of charge, and magnetic moment but that have opposite signs of charge and directions of magnetic moment and whose collision causes mutual annihilation.
armature a coil-wrapped iron core that rotates in a magnetic field to induce electrical current in a generator, or that produces motion in an electrical motor when current is passed through it. [1/4 definitions]
audiotape a magnetic tape used to record sound, or a sound recording on such a tape.
Aurora (l.c.) bands or streamers of light that appear in the sky at night in areas around the magnetic poles, caused by solar particles striking atoms in the outer part of the earth's atmosphere. (See aurora australis, aurora borealis.) [1/3 definitions]
betatron in physics, an electron accelerator in which the speed of the electrons is increased to high energies, from a few million to a few hundred million electron volts, by the action of a rapidly changing magnetic field.
biomagnetism the scientific study of the effects of magnetic forces on biological systems.
capstan the revolving spindle in a tape recorder around which magnetic tape is wound and that regulates the speed at which the tape moves. [1/2 definitions]
compact cassette a type of magnetic-tape cartridge, first released in 1963, that is used for audio recording and playback.
compass an instrument for determining direction, esp. one with a horizontal magnetic needle that rotates freely until it points to the magnetic north. [1/9 definitions]
cyclotron a device for accelerating charged particles to very high energies in a spiral path using a fixed magnetic field and an alternating electric field.
declination the horizontal angle between magnetic north and true north at any given point on the earth's surface. [1/5 definitions]
degauss to neutralize (the magnetic field of a steel ship, chassis, or the like) by means of electric coils; demagnetize.
demagnetize to remove or neutralize the magnetic properties of.
diamagnetic in physics, of or relating to a group of substances that in a magnetic field become magnetic in an opposite direction to that of iron.
dipole a pair of electric charges or magnetic poles that are of equal magnitude but opposite polarity. [1/3 definitions]
disk a thin, round plate coated with a magnetic substance on one or both sides, used to record data entered on a computer. [1/4 definitions]
eight-track tape a magnetic-tape cartridge with four pairs of stereo tracks of prerecorded sound, popular in the United States from the mid-sixties to the early eighties.
electricity a physical phenomenon caused by the movement of certain charged particles such as electrons, esp. between points having different electrical charges, and seen in naturally occurring phenomena such as lightning and magnetic attraction and repulsion. [1/4 definitions]
electrodynamics (used with a sing. verb) the branch of physics that deals with the relationship between electric, magnetic, and mechanical phenomena.