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audiotape a magnetic tape used to record sound, or a sound recording on such a tape.
capstan the revolving spindle in a tape recorder around which magnetic tape is wound and that regulates the speed at which the tape moves. [1/2 definitions]
ferric oxide a red-brown solid compound in the natural form of iron ore or rust, processed for use as a pigment and in metallurgy, magnetic tapes and polishing compounds.
recording something that is recorded, esp. on a vinyl disk or magnetic tape. [1/2 definitions]
scan to check automatically for recorded data, as on a magnetic tape. [1/10 definitions]
tape-record to record (sound) onto magnetic tape.
tape recorder a machine used to record sound onto magnetic tape or to play back the sound recorded.
videotape a magnetic tape on which moving images can be recorded, usu. accompanied by sound, for later broadcast or playback on television. [1/3 definitions]