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agency shop an agreement, between an owner or manager and a union that requires employees who do not want to join the union to pay a fee. [1/2 definitions]
agent a manager or employee at an agency. [1/5 definitions]
boss1 a person who employs others or supervises their work; manager. [1/7 definitions]
businessperson a person who works in business or commerce, esp. an executive or manager.
callboard a backstage bulletin board in a theater, used by the director, stage manager, and the like to post notices or instructions.
comanager combined form of manager.
dairyman a male owner, manager, or employee of a dairy.
dairywoman a female owner, manager, or employee of a dairy.
Gerry Jackson founder and station manager of SW Radio Africa, Zimbabwe's only independent radio station, which is broadcast from London, England.
impresario any manager or producer. [1/2 definitions]
innkeeper the owner or manager of an inn.
intendant a government manager or superintendent of some public operation or office.
keeper a manager of a certain type of business (often used in combination). [1/5 definitions]
maître d'hôtel the manager or owner of a hotel. [1/2 definitions]
managerial of or relating to management or a manager.
mgr. abbreviation of "manager."
padrone the owner or manager of an inn; innkeeper. [1/2 definitions]
restaurateur the owner or manager of a restaurant.
stage-manage to serve as stage manager for (a theatrical production). [2/3 definitions]
submanager combined form of manager.