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bodywork manipulation or touching of the body for healing purposes using special techniques such as massage or stretching. [1/3 definitions]
facial a treatment of the face, consisting of a massage and the application of cosmetic creams. [1/2 definitions]
knead to manipulate by pressing, squeezing, or rubbing; massage. [1/2 definitions]
massage to treat by rubbing, stroking, or kneading the body; give a massage to. [1/2 definitions]
mechanotherapy the treatment of injuries, disease, or malformation by mechanical devices, massage, or the like.
naturopathy a method of treating illness without drugs, relying on massage, sunlight, proper food, and the like.
physical therapy the treatment of disease and injury by physical and mechanical means, such as exercise, heat, ultraviolet or infrared light, hydrotherapy, or massage, rather than by drugs; physiotherapy.
physiotherapy the treatment of disease, defects, or injuries by mechanical means, such as massage, exercise, or the application of heat; physical therapy.
Rolfing trademark for an often painful massage technique used to relieve emotional and physical stress.
rubdown a massage, sometimes with oil, rubbing alcohol, or liniment.
shiatsu a Japanese method of massage that uses the principles of acupressure.
Swedish massage a system of massage and exercise for treatment of muscle and joint disorders.
Turkish bath a steam bath that causes heavy perspiration and is followed by a shower and massage. [1/2 definitions]
vibrator an electrical device used in vibratory massage. [1/3 definitions]