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agree to be consistent; conform; match (often fol. by "with"). [1/6 definitions]
bout an athletic match, as between wrestlers or boxers. [1/3 definitions]
box2 to fight with in a boxing match. [3/6 definitions]
companion a match or mate in a pair. [1/3 definitions]
correspond to be in agreement or accordance; match (often followed by "with" or "to"). [1/3 definitions]
default to lose a game, match, or the like for this reason. [2/14 definitions]
double (pl., but used with a sing. verb) in tennis and other games, a match with two players on each side. (Cf. single.) [1/19 definitions]
fellow one of a pair; match. [1/7 definitions]
fight a boxing match. [2/9 definitions]
foursome a match between two pairs of partners, as in golf or bridge, or the participants therein. [1/2 definitions]
friction match a match that lights by friction or rubbing.
fusee a match with a large head ignited by friction and capable of burning even in a wind. [1/4 definitions]
gallery a group of spectators, as at a golf or tennis match. [1/7 definitions]
go1 to be a good match with something else; harmonize. [1/27 definitions]
hotfoot a practical joke in which a match is secretly placed between the sole and upper of someone's shoe and is lit. [1/3 definitions]
Jimmy McDaniel U.S. tennis player, who, in a match against Don Budge in 1940, was the first African American to play a white champion (b. 1917).
key1 to regulate, coordinate, or adjust so that there is harmony or an appropriate match with something else. [1/8 definitions]
lotto a lottery, usu. operated by a state government, in which players choose numbers that may match those selected at an official drawing. [1/2 definitions]
matchless2 having no match or matches to light a fire. [1/2 definitions]
matchlock an old type of gunlock in which the powder charge was ignited by a slow-burning match. [1/2 definitions]
match point the final point that must be scored to win a match, esp. in tennis.