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acetylcholine a form of this compound used in medicine for its ability to decrease blood pressure and cause muscular movement in such organs as the alimentary canal. [1/2 definitions]
Aesculapian of or relating to medicine; medical.
Aesculapius in Roman mythology, the god of medicine and healing; Asclepius.
aftereffect an effect that follows its cause after some period of time, such as a delayed effect caused by a medicine or exposure to chemicals.
ammonium chloride a white crystalline salt used in dry cells, in medicine as an expectorant, and in various industrial applications; sal ammoniac.
analgesia in medicine, an absence of pain sensations.
angelica any of several types of related plants having clusters of small flowers and a distinctive aroma, often used in cookery and medicine.
angostura bark the bitter, strong-smelling bark of either of two South American rue trees, used in medicine and as a flavoring in bitters.
aniseed the seed of the anise plant, used as flavoring and in medicine.
aperient a medicine or food that acts as a gentle laxative. [1/2 definitions]
Apollo in Greek and Roman mythology, the god of light, prophecy, music, poetry, and medicine. [1/2 definitions]
asafetida a gum resin obtained from Oriental plants related to the carrot, with a strong, offensive odor and a bitter taste, formerly used as a medicine.
Asiatic pennywort a small creeping plant used in herbal medicine; Centella.
atomizer a device that converts a liquid, esp. a medicine or perfume, into a spray.
beverage any drinkable liquid, usu. excluding water or medicine.
biomedicine the branch of medicine concerned with human survival and functioning in abnormal environmental conditions.
bolus a large pill or ball of medicine, used primarily for large animals. [1/2 definitions]
boneset any of various plants of eastern North America that bear broad, flat clusters of small white flowers, used in folk medicine for their supposed healing qualities; thoroughwort.
botanical a medicine derived from plants. [1/3 definitions]
brain imaging the branch of medicine that deals with producing images of the brain and nervous system; neuroimaging. [1/2 definitions]
bur in medicine and dentistry, a tool for cutting away matter from bones or teeth. [1/3 definitions]