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ABM abbreviation of "antiballistic missile," a missile designed to meet and destroy a ballistic missile in flight.
across so as to meet or find, esp. by accident. [1/7 definitions]
afford to have enough money to purchase (something); be able to meet (an expense). [1/3 definitions]
affront to meet head-on; confront. [1/4 definitions]
antiballistic missile a missile designed to meet and destroy a ballistic missile in flight.
appellation contrôlée (sometimes caps.) a designation on the labels of certain French wines or liquors, certifying that the contents meet prescribed standards. [1/2 definitions]
appointment an arrangement to meet or to do something. [1/4 definitions]
arris in architecture, the edge, ridge, or line made when two surfaces meet at an angle, as in a molding.
ashram a religious community or retreat at which people meet for meditation and exercise, esp. yoga. [1/2 definitions]
assignation an appointment to meet, esp. between lovers; tryst. [1/2 definitions]
breast to face, meet, or encounter; confront. [1/6 definitions]
bump into to meet by accident or chance.
caucus to meet in a caucus. [1/2 definitions]
clinic a type of instruction, like a class, wherein a group of people meet to learn about a specialized topic. [1/4 definitions]
club a place where such an association might meet regularly, or where members are allowed to spend time and use facilities. [1/7 definitions]
concurrence a point at which three or more lines or planes meet or cross; convergence. [1/4 definitions]
confront to meet or face without evasion or avoidance. [1/3 definitions]
congress to meet together, esp. as a congress. [1/7 definitions]
converge to move toward or meet at a common point. [1/3 definitions]
corner the place where two lines or surfaces meet to form an angle. [1/10 definitions]
cross swords to meet in physical combat; fight. [1/2 definitions]