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allusion an indirect reference to or mention of something.
bandy about to mention repeatedly, especially lightly or frivolously.
broach to suggest or mention for the first time; bring up. [1/7 definitions]
cite to point to, esp. as a reason for something; mention. [1/5 definitions]
forget to neglect to mention. [1/10 definitions]
go without saying to be so clearly true or evident that there is no need to mention (something); used to emphasize one's certainty about or the obviousness of something.
instance to cite or mention as an example. [1/2 definitions]
last1 the final mention or sight. [1/12 definitions]
mentionable combined form of mention.
name to call, specify, or mention by name. [1/9 definitions]
note to mention; remark. [1/11 definitions]
not to mention and in addition (used to mention an additional thing that is equal to, greater, or more obvious than the first thing mentioned, despite saying that one need not mention it. This additional thing may have just been remembered by the speaker or was previously felt unnecessary to say).
particularize to give specific mention to; specify. [1/3 definitions]
plug (informal) a favorable mention intended to promote or sell something. [2/10 definitions]
remarkable worthy of notice or mention. [1/2 definitions]
to say nothing of not to mention (used to add to what has just been said an element that the speaker may have forgotten to say earlier or felt was unnecessary to say. This element may be more significant or more obvious than what was said earlier).
whatchamacallit (informal) that thing that one cannot recall the name of or does not wish to mention the name of.