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burka a long, loose garment that covers the face and body, worn in public by many Muslim women with a space left open for the eyes and typically covered by a mesh screen. [1/2 definitions]
chicken wire a flexible wire netting, usu. of hexagonal mesh, esp. for chicken coop enclosures and other light barriers.
engage to mesh. [1/10 definitions]
fly swatter a device for killing insects, particularly flies, consisting of a flat rectangular mesh attached to a long handle.
grenadine1 a thin fabric worked in an open mesh weave.
hairnet a net of fine mesh, worn to hold the hair in place.
lath a fine metal mesh used for the same purpose. [1/2 definitions]
mask a face covering of metal bars, wire mesh, or the like worn for protection. [1/11 definitions]
meshwork something of or like mesh; meshes or network.
mosquito net a net with a very fine mesh, usu. suspended over sleeping areas to keep out mosquitoes.
muzzle a protective device, often of leather or wire mesh, placed over this part of the head to keep the animal from biting, eating, or barking. [1/6 definitions]
screen a closely woven wire mesh used to filter liquid or grains or to keep insects from entering through windows. [1/8 definitions]
screen door an outer door consisting of a frame fitted with fine wire or plastic mesh to keep insects out.
screening fine mesh material used for making window screens. [1/3 definitions]
sieve a utensil with a wire mesh or finely perforated bottom, used as a strainer or to sift or purée solids. [1/2 definitions]
tissue a network; mesh; web. [1/5 definitions]
wirework netting, mesh, and other articles made of wire.