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acquaintance a person one has met but does not know well. [1/3 definitions]
Continental Congress the revolutionary assembly, made up of landed representatives of the American colonies, that met between 1774 and 1789 to work out a plan of government and adopted both the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation.
Duma a Russian legislative assembly that met and was disbanded several times between 1905 and 1917.
escrow a bond or deed, money, property, or the like put into the keeping of a third party for delivery to the intended receiver after specified conditions have been met.
guarantee an assurance or pledge regarded as security that some obligation will be met. [1/11 definitions]
gymnasium in ancient Greece, a place where young men met for physical and mental exercise. [1/3 definitions]
hunger strike a refusal to eat, as by a prisoner or protester, until certain conditions or demands are met.
in escrow in the keeping of a third party until the conditions have been met that will allow transferal to the intended recipient.
kidnap to capture and hold (someone) hostage until specified demands, as for money, are met.
loop a set of instructions that a computer program executes repeatedly until a certain condition is met. [1/11 definitions]
permanent resident a legal status granted to non-citizens of the U.S. who have met certain requirements of the Immigration Service, allowing them to live and work permanently in the U.S. and to enter the country without a visa.
persevere to continue steadfastly in a task or course of action or hold steadfastly to a belief or commitment, esp. when met with opposition or difficulties; persist.
strike to discontinue working at until certain conditions are met. [1/29 definitions]
unmet combined form of met.