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endogenous of, pertaining to, or constituting the metabolism of elements of living tissue containing nitrogen. [1/2 definitions]
Graves' disease a disorder characterized by excessive thyroid secretion that causes enlargement of the thyroid and higher basal metabolism and pulse rate.
hemochromatosis an iron metabolism disorder, characterized by brownish skin pigmentation, enlargement of the liver, and diabetes.
homocysteine An amino acid that is an intermediate in the metabolism of methionine. In humans, elevated levels of homocysteine in blood are associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.
hypermetabolism combined form of metabolism.
hyperparathyroidism an abnormally high level of parathyroid hormone in the blood, resulting in disrupted calcium metabolism, bone loss, and increased risk of kidney stones.
hyperthyroidism abnormal overactivity of the thyroid gland, which results in high metabolism and bulging of the eyeballs if unchecked.
inositol a hydrocarbon alcohol essential for metabolism, sometimes considered a vitamin of the vitamin B complex and found in most animal and vegetable foods.
insulin a hormone of the pancreas that controls the metabolism of carbohydrates by regulating the level of glucose in the blood. [1/2 definitions]
metabolize to subject to or undergo change by metabolism.
riboflavin an orange to yellow member of the vitamin B complex, found in milk, meat, eggs, and dark green leafy vegetables, required in human nutrition for energy metabolism; vitamin B2.
thiamine a white, crystalline member of the vitamin B complex, found in many foods, esp. whole grains, required in human nutrition for metabolism; vitamin B1.
thyroid gland a two-lobed endocrine gland that is located on both sides of the trachea, with a slender connecting tissue, and that produces secretions that control growth and metabolism.
thyroxine the thyroid hormone that contains iodine and regulates metabolism, or a synthetic preparation of the same compound used to treat thyroid disorders.
uracil a pyrimidine compound essential to life, important in metabolism and as a precursor of RNA.
vitamin any of a number of natural or synthetic substances required in human nutrition to regulate metabolism and maintain health.
vitamin b6 a compound found in meats, green vegetables, and whole grains, required in human nutrition for metabolism; pyridoxine.