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accordion a portable musical instrument having a keyboard and a pleated bellows that forces air through metal reeds to produce tones. [1/2 definitions]
acetylene a highly flammable colorless gas used esp. to cut and weld metal and to give light.
alloy a combined form of two or more metals, or of a metal with a nonmetal, sometimes using an inferior ingredient with a more costly one. [2/5 definitions]
alum any one of various double sulfates of a trivalent metal and a univalent metal. [1/2 definitions]
aluminum a chemical element that has thirteen protons in each nucleus, occurs commonly in ores such as bauxite, and in pure form is a strong lightweight corrosion-resistant silvery metal with many industrial uses. (symbol: Al)
amalgam a metal alloy containing mercury. [1/2 definitions]
amalgamate to blend with another metal. [1/4 definitions]
andiron one of a pair of metal structures that supports logs in a fireplace.
aneroid barometer a barometer that uses a thin metal disk covering a partial vacuum, such that a change in atmospheric pressure results in a corresponding change in the shape of the disk and moves the indicator needle.
anneal to heat and then slowly cool (esp. glass or metal) so as to strengthen and make less brittle.
anodize to cover a metal surface with a protective oxide electrolytically, the surface acting as the anode.
antenna a metal device that sends or receives electromagnetic signals. [1/2 definitions]
antimony a chemical element that has fifty-one protons in each nucleus and forms a brittle bluish white metal crystal, used in hard alloys, electrical components, and medicines. (symbol: Sb)
anvil a heavy, flat-topped metal block on which metal objects, often after heating, are hammered into shapes. [1/3 definitions]
Argand burner an oil or gas burner having a metal tube inside a cylindrical wick, through which air is conducted directly to the flame.
argent in heraldry, the metal silver or its color. [1/2 definitions]
ashcan a container, usu. of plastic or metal, that holds ashes or refuse.
assay an analysis or examination, esp. of an ore, metal, or drug, to determine its composition, quality, or potency. [1/8 definitions]
babbitt see Babbitt metal. [2 definitions]
Babbitt metal a soft white metal alloy of tin, copper, and antimony that is used as a lining to reduce friction in bearings.
backhoe an excavating vehicle with a large metal bucket that is drawn toward the vehicle in a digging motion.