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befuddle to confuse or mislead. [1/2 definitions]
betray to mislead. [1/5 definitions]
bluff2 to mislead someone by using false pretenses. [2/6 definitions]
confuse to mislead or bewilder. [1/3 definitions]
deceive to lead (a person) to believe something that is untrue; mislead; trick; defraud. [1/2 definitions]
delude to cause to hold a false belief; mislead; deceive.
delusive tending to mislead or deceive. [1/2 definitions]
dupe to fool or trick; mislead. [1/3 definitions]
eyewash (informal) nonsense or falsehood intended to mislead. [1/2 definitions]
feint a pretense or false appearance of doing something, intended to mislead or divert attention. [2/5 definitions]
four-flush (informal) to mislead by pretending to have a strong position; bluff. [1/2 definitions]
lie1 something intended to deceive or mislead. [2/5 definitions]
prevaricate to lie, mislead, or conceal the truth deliberately.
rope (informal) to trick, mislead, or press into service against one's will (often fol. by "into"). [1/8 definitions]
ruse a trick, pretense, or diversion intended to deceive or mislead.
song and dance (informal) an effort to persuade, mislead, or deceive by an elaborate or irrelevant explanation or story. [1/2 definitions]
throw to mislead. [1/15 definitions]
weasel to be evasive or deliberately ambiguous; mislead. [1/4 definitions]
wile a trick or stratagem intended to mislead, entice, or entrap. [2/4 definitions]