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ABM abbreviation of "antiballistic missile," a missile designed to meet and destroy a ballistic missile in flight.
airflow a flow of air, esp. around a moving vehicle, missile, or the like.
air-to-air of a missile or the like, designed to be shot by an aircraft at an aerial target.
antiballistic missile a missile designed to meet and destroy a ballistic missile in flight.
arbalest a medieval missile-launching weapon whose design is similar to that of a crossbow.
automatic pilot an instrument that automatically keeps an aircraft, missile, or the like on a predetermined course at a specific altitude. [1/2 definitions]
ballistic missile a long-range missile that reaches its target by falling freely at extremely high speed along a precalculated trajectory.
blastoff a launching of a rocket-driven missile or spacecraft.
cruise missile a long-range guided missile, propelled by a jet or rocket and capable of being launched from an aircraft, ship, or submarine.
dart a small pointed missile, thrown by hand or shot from a blowgun or other device. [1/6 definitions]
destruct the act of destroying a missile or rocket, esp. a defective one just after launch. [2/3 definitions]
downrange in the direction of the point taken as target, away from the launch site, on a missile test range.
flight-test to fly (an aircraft or rocket) or launch (a missile) for testing purposes.
gantry a framework that supports a missile or rocket prior to launch and facilitates construction and maintenance. [1/2 definitions]
grenade a small missile thrown or shot from a rifle-mounted launcher at a target after being primed to explode. [1/2 definitions]
guidance a system that automatically steers and controls a rocket or missile. [1/3 definitions]
guided missile a missile that is capable of being guided throughout its flight until arrival at its target. (See ballistic missile.)
hull2 any similar casing, as on a missile or spacecraft. [1/2 definitions]
ICBM abbreviation of "intercontinental ballistic missile."
incendiary a bomb, missile, shell, or the like, that yields intense heat and fire when exploded. [1/7 definitions]
inertial guidance guidance of a missile, spacecraft, submarine, or the like by means of a self-contained automatic system that measures and adjusts speed and direction to maintain a predetermined course.