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arrack in the Middle East and neighboring areas, any of various liquors distilled from materials such as fermented rice or molasses.
baked beans beans that have been boiled and then baked, often with salt pork, tomato sauce, or molasses.
blackstrap molasses a dark, thick molasses from which most of the sugar has been removed.
Boston brown bread a dark steamed bread made of corn meal or graham or whole wheat flour, sweetened with molasses.
brown bread a steamed bread made of corn meal and flour, sweetened with molasses; Boston brown bread. [1/2 definitions]
gingerbread a type of cake or cookie flavored with ginger and sweetened with molasses. [1/3 definitions]
gingersnap a small, round, crisp cookie made with ginger and molasses.
hasty pudding a cornmeal mush served with a sweetener such as molasses.
hermit a spiced molasses cookie, often made with nuts and raisins. [1/2 definitions]
Indian pudding a baked pudding made of cornmeal, with milk and molasses.
pandowdy a deep-dish fruit pie with a thick crust on top, often sweetened with molasses.
rum an alcoholic beverage distilled from fermented molasses, sugar cane, or the like.
taffy a chewy candy made of molasses or sugar that is boiled and then pulled until it holds its shape.
treacle (chiefly British) molasses, or a light-colored blend of molasses, invert sugar, and corn syrup. [1/2 definitions]