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beauty spot a natural mole or other dark mark on the skin. [1/2 definitions]
birthmark a mark or mole on the skin present from birth.
faraday a unit of electric charge, used in electrolysis, that is equal to the amount carried by one mole of singly charged ions or 96,485 coulombs.
gram molecule the quantity of a substance with a weight in grams numerically equal to its molecular weight; mole; gram-molecular weight.
mol variant of mole4.
molar2 in chemistry, of, relating to, or being a solution that contains one mole of solute per liter. [1/2 definitions]
molehill a small heap or ridge of loose soil made by a burrowing mole.
moleskin the short soft usu. deep gray fur of the mole. [1/3 definitions]
nevus a congenital irregularity of the skin, such as a mole or birthmark.
star-nosed mole a mole of eastern North America that has a starlike ring of slender fleshy growths encircling its nose.