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click in computing, the act of pressing and releasing the button on a mouse. [2/8 definitions]
double-click to press the button of a computer mouse twice in rapid succession.
drag in computing, to move (a selected item) across a computer screen by manipulating the mouse while holding down the mouse button. [1/13 definitions]
harvest mouse a very small European mouse that nests in grain fields.
mice pl. of mouse.
Mickey Mouse1 animated mouse character created in 1928 by U.S. cartoonist, Walt Disney. [1/3 definitions]
mouse over in computing, to use a mouse or other computer device to place the cursor over an item on the computer screen and hover over it without clicking or tapping, or simply to move the cursor over the screen without clicking or tapping on any particular item.
mousy resembling a mouse in color, appearance, or manner; lacking color or shine.