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agaric any of numerous related fungi with gills on the underside of a cap; mushroom.
chanterelle a large edible yellow mushroom with a fruity odor.
death cup a poisonous mushroom with white gills and a bulbous cup surrounding the base of the stalk.
fly agaric a poisonous mushroom with an orange or reddish cap and white gills.
gill fungus a fleshy fungus with blade-shaped gills on the underside of its cap; mushroom.
hypha one of the stringlike vegetative parts of a fungus such as a mushroom.
meadow mushroom a common mushroom that thrives in moist soil and is often cultivated for food.
mushroom something that has the shape of a mushroom or a mushroom cap. [4/7 definitions]
pileus the umbrellalike, gill-bearing cap of a mushroom or a similar structure on other fungi. [1/2 definitions]
psilocybin a solid, crystalline hallucinogenic obtained from a certain type of mushroom.
stipe a stalk or stalklike structure, such as the stemlike support of the cap of a mushroom or the main stem of a fern frond.
toadstool a mushroom, esp. one that is umbrella-shaped, inedible, and, often, poisonous.