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a1 the sixth note in the musical scale at C major. [1/6 definitions]
absolute pitch the exact pitch of a single musical tone as determined by its rate of vibrations as measured on a standard scale. [1/2 definitions]
accelerando gradually speeding up in tempo (used as a musical direction).
accompaniment part of a musical composition that is intended to support more central parts. [1/2 definitions]
accompanist one who provides a musical accompaniment, esp. on a piano.
accordion a portable musical instrument having a keyboard and a pleated bellows that forces air through metal reeds to produce tones. [1/2 definitions]
achromatic consisting of diatonic tones of the musical scale; without changes in pitch or key. [1/3 definitions]
acoustic producing sound without electronic or electric means, as a musical instrument. [1/3 definitions]
adagio slowly (used as a musical direction). [1/4 definitions]
ad libitum at one's pleasure (used as a musical direction to indicate that a section so marked may be varied, improvised upon, or omitted, as the performer wishes, or as a stage direction to indicate that the performer may improvise).
aeolian harp a musical instrument consisting of an open box with gut strings stretched across it that produce rising and falling sounds when wind passes over them.
agitato quick and restless or excited in movement or style; agitated (used as a musical direction).
album a collection of printed pictures, or a collection of musical or literary selections that are printed or recorded. [1/3 definitions]
al fine to the finish (used as a musical direction to continue to the end of a repeated section).
allargando gradually slower and broader, with more weight or power (used as a musical direction).
allegretto light, graceful, and quick in tempo, but slower than allegro (used as a musical direction). [1/2 definitions]
allegro fast and brisk in tempo (used as a musical direction). [1/2 definitions]
alto a musical instrument having the second highest tonal range in its family of instruments. [2/5 definitions]
alto clef in musical notation, a clef with middle C on the middle line of the staff, or the sign identifying this clef; viola clef.
andante moderately slow in tempo (used as a musical direction). [1/2 definitions]
andantino somewhat faster than andante in tempo (used as a musical direction). [1/2 definitions]