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brad a thin nail with either a small head or a slight projection on the side. [1/2 definitions]
claw a slender, sharp, usu. curved nail on the foot of an animal. [1/6 definitions]
clinch to hammer down sideways (the protruding point of a nail) to make more secure. [1/8 definitions]
clincher a nail or screw used for clinching. [1/3 definitions]
doornail a large-headed nail formerly used to stud doors.
emery board a small stiff strip of cardboard that has been coated with powdered emery, used as a nail file.
felon2 a serious infection of the finger or toe, usu. near the nail.
finishing nail a thin nail with a very small, cupped head, used for finishing work in carpentry.
hobnail a short nail with a wide head, used on the soles of heavy shoes or boots to protect against wear.
holdfast any device used to attach a thing to a surface, such as a clamp, nail, or hook. [1/2 definitions]
nail to fasten or reinforce with a nail or nails. [1/7 definitions]
nailhead the enlarged surface of one end of a nail, usu. flat but sometimes rounded. [1/2 definitions]
nail varnish (chiefly British) a clear or colored lacquer applied to fingernails and toenails; nail polish.
renail combined form of nail.
root1 the embedded part of a hair, nail, tooth, or other partially external bodily part. [1/10 definitions]
shank the straight, narrow part of something such as a nail, anchor, fishhook, or tool; shaft; stem. [1/3 definitions]
sixpenny designating a nail that is two inches long. [1/2 definitions]
spike1 an object similar in appearance and function to a nail, but longer and thicker, used to fasten or secure heavy timbers, railroad tracks, or the like. [1/9 definitions]
stud1 a nail or rivet with a protruding and often rounded knob or head, fixed in a surface as a protective or ornamental device. [1/6 definitions]
tenpenny nail a nail that is three inches long.
tenterhook a hook or bent nail that holds cloth stretched on a framework.