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accidental not part of the basic nature of a thing; secondary; incidental. [1/5 definitions]
-aceous of the nature of or resembling. [1/3 definitions]
act of God in law, a sudden unforeseen event, esp. a natural disaster such as an earthquake, flood, or tornado, that is caused entirely by forces of nature and could not have been prevented.
adulterous pertaining to, in the nature of, characterized by, or inclined toward adultery.
adviser a teacher or other person in an official capacity who gives advice on certain matters, esp. those of an educational or vocational nature. [1/2 definitions]
agnostic one who believes it is impossible to know anything about the existence or nonexistence of God or about the essential nature of things beyond the material universe. [1/4 definitions]
akin similar in nature. [1/2 definitions]
algebraic of, used in, or of the nature of algebra.
alien opposed in nature; strange. [1/6 definitions]
allied related or similar in nature. [1/3 definitions]
all-natural containing only ingredients or materials that originate in nature and are not artificially created.
alumina natural or synthetic aluminum oxide, occurring in nature as a corundum.
animality the essential characteristics or nature of an animal. [2/3 definitions]
anticlimactic of, pertaining to, or being in the nature of an anticlimax.
antinature combined form of nature.
Apollonian (often l.c.) of a rational, serene, and well-ordered nature. (Cf. Dionysian.) [1/2 definitions]
appraisal a judgment about the nature, quality, or value of someone or something. [1/2 definitions]
appraise to estimate the quality or nature of. [1/2 definitions]
arcane of a secret or esoteric nature; mysterious.
arcanum (often pl.) a deep secret or mystery, as of nature. [2/3 definitions]
Arianism the doctrines of Arius, who believed that Jesus Christ was not of the same substance or nature as God, but was the highest of created beings.