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abide to tolerate (usu. used in negative construction). [1/6 definitions]
accepting not hostile, disapproving, or judging in a negative way; welcoming. [1/2 definitions]
anode the negative terminal of a battery. (Cf. cathode.)
any even a very small amount of (used after a negative). [1/7 definitions]
beta ray a stream of beta particles, esp. those with a negative charge.
blackball a negative vote, esp. against a candidate for admission to a social organization. [1/3 definitions]
bother to feel concern or slight worry (usu. used with negative verb). [1/7 definitions]
care to have a desire (used in questions and negative statements and followed by an infinitive). [1/11 definitions]
complain to express dissatisfaction, pain, grief, or other negative feelings. [2/3 definitions]
contact print a photograph made by pressing a negative against light-sensitive paper and exposing it to light.
covariance in statistics, a measure of how two variables are related, equal to the product of the deviation of each variable from its mean. In positive covariance, the two variables (such as temperature and air conditioner use) are directly related and follow the same trend. In negative covariance, the two variables (such as temperature and heater use) are inversely related and follow opposite trends.
critical expressing a negative judgement. [1/6 definitions]
criticism an unfavorable or negative judgment or evaluation. [1/4 definitions]
dare (somewhat old-fashioned) to have the courage or audacity to do something (usu. used in the negative or interrogative) [1/4 definitions]
dipole a polar molecule in which the centers of the positive charges are different from the centers of the negative charges. [1/3 definitions]
disapproval a refusal to approve; rendering of a negative opinion. [1/2 definitions]
displeasing causing dissatisfaction, disappointment, annoyance, or other negative reaction.
double negative the use of two negative words in one sentence, considered substandard when intended to express a single negation.
drawback an impediment to the success or desirability of something; negative feature; flaw.
either as well as; also; in the like manner; similarly (used to emphasize negative statements). [1/5 definitions]
electronegative having a negative electric charge. [1/2 definitions]