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chicken wire a flexible wire netting, usu. of hexagonal mesh, esp. for chicken coop enclosures and other light barriers.
hammock a hanging, swingable lounge or bed made of canvas or other strong fabric or netting and slung between two trees or other supports.
marquisette a light sheer fabric of cotton, nylon, rayon, or silk, used for curtains, mosquito netting, or the like.
reinforced concrete concrete that contains steel bars or metal netting to increase its strength.
reticule a woman's small handbag or purse with a drawstring, originally made of netting. [1/2 definitions]
snowshoe a light frame that is shaped like a racket and strung with a netting so that it can be attached to the foot and used for walking on deep snow. [1/2 definitions]
veil a thin piece of fabric or netting, usu. worn over the head, shoulders, and face. [1/3 definitions]
wirework netting, mesh, and other articles made of wire.