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baron a member of the hereditary nobility. In Great Britain, a baron is a nobleman of the lowest rank; peer. [1/2 definitions]
chevalier a low-ranking French nobleman. [1/3 definitions]
comte (French) a nobleman; count.
Don Juan in Spanish legend and literature, a nobleman famous for his seduction of women. [1/2 definitions]
duke a high-ranking male nobleman, the ruler of a duchy in Europe or ranked just below a prince in Britain. [1/2 definitions]
earl a British nobleman who is ranked above a viscount and below a marquis.
grandee a Spanish or Portuguese nobleman of the highest rank. [1/2 definitions]
lord a nobleman with a title. [1/6 definitions]
magnifico formerly, a nobleman of Venice. [1/2 definitions]
marchese an Italian nobleman, ranking with a marquis, and just above a count.
marquis a nobleman who ranks above an earl or count and below a duke.
milord a title for an English nobleman or gentleman.
robber baron a feudal nobleman who robbed travelers passing through his domain. [1/2 definitions]
squire formerly, a young nobleman who served as a knight's attendant. [1/6 definitions]
viscount a nobleman that ranks just beneath an earl or count and above a baron.