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abjure to repudiate or renounce solemnly, as under oath; forswear.
adjure to command or bind as by oath. [1/2 definitions]
blast used as a mild oath. [1/12 definitions]
blasted damned (used as a mild oath). [1/2 definitions]
confound to damn, usu. in a mild oath. [1/6 definitions]
depose to state under oath, esp. in written form. [1/3 definitions]
egad (old fashioned) a mild oath used to express surprise or enthusiasm.
expletive an interjection, exclamation, or oath, esp. an obscene one. [1/4 definitions]
forswear to give up or renounce, often with an oath or pledge. [3 definitions]
Hippocratic oath an oath to follow the ethical codes of the medical profession, usu. taken by new physicians.
nonjuror one who refuses to swear an oath, as of allegiance.
perjure to render (oneself) guilty of perjury by giving false testimony under oath.
perjury the intentional giving of false testimony under oath in a court or other official proceeding.
Pledge of Allegiance an oath of loyalty to the United States of America (prec. by "the").
swear to state under legal oath; testify. [4/9 definitions]
swear in to administer a legal oath or oath of office to.
sworn bound by or having taken an oath. [1/3 definitions]
testify to make a solemn declaration or affirmation, esp. under oath. [2/6 definitions]
testimony the evidence presented under oath in a court of law. [1/3 definitions]
under oath bound by oath to tell the truth or fulfill a promise.
voir dire an oath sworn by a prospective witness or juror to tell the truth in an examination by which a court seeks to determine that person's competence to participate in a trial.