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carry out to comply with; obey. [1/2 definitions]
defiant characterized by a bold disregard or contempt for authority or opposition; refusing to obey.
disobedience the act of refusing or failing to obey.
disobedient refusing or neglecting to obey.
disobey to fail or refuse to obey.
dressage the practice or methodology of training horses, esp. to obey and execute certain complicated movements.
follow to accept and obey as an authority, guide, or leader. [1/15 definitions]
froward unwilling to agree or obey; stubborn; perverse.
hew to follow or obey strictly (usu. fol. by "to"). [1/4 definitions]
insubordination unwillingness to obey orders or submit to authority.
mind to pay attention to and obey (rules, people in authority, or the like). [1/13 definitions]
noncooperation refusal to cooperate with or obey a government, as in acts of civil disobedience. [1/2 definitions]
obedient obeying, or being willing to obey, rules, commands, or requests.
Rosa Parks U.S. civil rights activist and icon, whose arrest in 1955 in Montgomery, Alabama, for refusing to obey segregation laws on a municipal bus inspired a wave of civil rights activism; born Rosa Louise McCauley (b.1913--d.2005).