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asquint with an oblique or sidelong glance; out of the corner of the eye; askance.
backhanded having an ambiguous meaning; oblique. [1/3 definitions]
cant2 to put a slanted edge or oblique surface on; bevel. [1/5 definitions]
diagonal lying in a slanting or oblique position. [1/5 definitions]
ellipse a closed geometric plane curve formed by the intersection of a plane at an oblique angle to the axis and opposite sides of a right circular cone; an oval conic section. [1/2 definitions]
rhomboid a parallelogram in which the opposite sides are equal, the adjacent sides are unequal, and the angles are oblique. [1/2 definitions]
rhombus an oblique-angled parallelogram in which all four sides are equal.
skew in a slanting position or direction; angled or oblique. [1/6 definitions]
slant to incline at an oblique angle; slope. [3/7 definitions]
toenail a nail that has been driven at an oblique angle. [1/3 definitions]
triclinic of or designating a system of crystallization in which three unequal axes intersect at oblique angles.