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depth perception the ability to perceive spatial relationships such as the relative distance of objects from one another or from the observer.
horizon the juncture of the earth and the sky as perceived by the observer. [1/2 definitions]
kibitzer (informal) an observer who offers unsolicited or unwanted advice, esp. during a card game; meddler. [1/2 definitions]
monitor to serve as a recorder, detector, observer, or the like. [1/11 definitions]
objective having reality or tangible existence independent of the observer. [1/7 definitions]
observe to act as an observer, rather than as a participant. [1/9 definitions]
obverse of a side or surface, turned toward or facing the observer. [1/5 definitions]
onlooker someone who watches; observer; spectator.
range finder any of various instruments used to determine the distance from the observer to a particular object or mark, as to sight a gun or focus a camera.
red shift the tendency of light waves from distant luminous bodies such as galaxies to decrease in frequency with movement away from the observer. (See Doppler effect.)
sinistral designating or concerning a gastropod shell that has its opening to the left of an observer when the pointed end is upward. [1/3 definitions]
transit the passage of a celestial body across the face of another or across the meridian or the telescopic field of an observer. [1/7 definitions]
zenith the point in the sky that is directly over the head of the observer. (Cf. nadir.) [1/2 definitions]