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Ahab the tragic hero of Herman Melville's nineteenth-century novel Moby Dick, who is ruled by an obsession to kill the white whale of the title. [1/2 definitions]
compulsive driven by an obsession or compulsion. [2/3 definitions]
fixation an obsession, esp. one that interferes with normal functioning. [1/3 definitions]
hobbyhorse a fixed idea or favorite topic; obsession. [1/3 definitions]
idée fixe (French) a fixed idea or obsession.
-mania a mental or behavioral disorder characterized by obsession, compulsion, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
monomania excessive interest or absorption in a particular idea or subject; obsession; fixation. [2 definitions]
obsessive of, pertaining to, characterized by, or causing an obsession.
spree a period of intense activity, or of overactivity, as in indulging some wish or obsession. [1/3 definitions]