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curling a game played on ice in which two teams, of four players each, slide a stone or other heavy object toward a circle at either end of the ice, the players being permitted to clean the path of the stone to control its speed and direction.
field hockey a form of hockey that is played with a small ball on a field, rather than with a puck on ice.
figure skating ice skating in which the skater traces elaborate figures on ice or, in competition, executes athletic jumps and dance movements.
hockey a sport played on ice, in which two teams of six skating players each try to drive a puck into each other's goal using angled hockey sticks; ice hockey. [1/2 definitions]
ice-skate to skate on ice.
ice skate a sturdy shoe or short boot with a sharp blade attached to the sole, used for skating on ice.
Jimmies trademark for small chocolate sprinkles eaten esp. on ice cream.
skate1 a shoe with either a blade or a set of small wheels attached to the sole, for use, respectively, on ice and on other hard surfaces; ice skate or roller skate. [2 definitions]