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barium sulfate an opaque insoluble white powder that is used as a pigment in paints and a filler for plastics and textiles, and is swallowed as a diagnostic aid in x-ray examination of the stomach and intestines.
devitrify to treat (glass or the like) so as to make opaque, brittle, and crystalline. [1/2 definitions]
enamel a glossy, usu. opaque coating fused by heat to metal, glass, pottery, or other surfaces for protection or decoration, or objects so coated. [1/5 definitions]
faience pottery decorated with highly colored, opaque glazes. [1/2 definitions]
fluoroscope a fluorescent screen used with x-rays or other radiation for viewing the internal structure of opaque objects such as the human body.
gouache a technique of painting by using a mixture of opaque watercolors and a gum preparation. [2/3 definitions]
India paper a thin opaque paper made in Asia and used for books and engravings. [2 definitions]
lapis lazuli an opaque blue stone used as a semiprecious gem and in pigment. [1/2 definitions]
LCD abbreviation of "liquid crystal display," a device that employs a film of transparent liquid crystals that become opaque when electrified, so that the pattern of opaque and transparent crystals can form letters or numbers, as in electronic watches, calculators, and the like.
milk glass white, opaque, or translucent glass.
milky whitish and opaque; clouded. [1/2 definitions]
opacity the quality, state, or degree of being opaque; lack of transparency. [2/4 definitions]
opaque something that is opaque. [2/6 definitions]
penumbra the partially lighted shadow that surrounds the complete shadow of an opaque body such as the moon during an eclipse. (Cf. umbra.) [1/3 definitions]
radioscopy the internal examination of opaque objects by means of radiation such as x-rays.
tights a close-fitting, opaque, stretchable garment that covers the legs and lower torso, used in exercise, acrobatics, and dancing, or worn in place of hosiery by women and girls. [1/2 definitions]
turquoise an opaque blue or bluish green mineral containing copper and aluminum, often cut and polished for use as a gemstone. [1/2 definitions]