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adversarial pertaining to or involving opposition between two sides. [1/2 definitions]
adversative in grammar, indicating opposition or contrast. [1/2 definitions]
against in opposition to. [1/5 definitions]
antipope a person who declares himself pope in opposition to the pope elected by church laws.
antitrust in opposition to unrestrained monopolistic business practices.
antivivisection opposition to experimentation performed on living animals, as in medical research.
athwart in opposition to; against. [1/4 definitions]
conflict to be in strong opposition or disagreement; differ. [1/6 definitions]
contend to strive against difficulties or opposition (usu. fol. by "with"). [1/4 definitions]
contradict to express opposition to the statement of (a person). [1/4 definitions]
contradiction a condition in which two things are in opposition to each other; inconsistency; discrepancy. [1/4 definitions]
contrariwise with an opposed opinion or attitude; in opposition. [1/2 definitions]
contrary in opposition; counter. [1/6 definitions]
contravene to express opposition to; contradict. [1/2 definitions]
controvert to argue in opposition to.
counteract to overcome or lessen the effect of through opposition or opposite action.
countervail to have or exert equal power in opposition. [1/3 definitions]
defiant characterized by a bold disregard or contempt for authority or opposition; refusing to obey.
demonstration a public display or rally in support of or opposition to a particular cause. [1/5 definitions]
demur to object or indicate opposition to something. [1/3 definitions]
disjunctive in grammar, of or denoting a word or phrase that indicates opposition or alternatives, as "but," "or," and "in contrast to". [1/5 definitions]