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good approving, favorable, or optimistic. [1/25 definitions]
good cheer cheerful, optimistic, or courageous spirits. [1/3 definitions]
hope an optimistic sense or feeling that events will turn out well. [1/6 definitions]
keep one's chin up to stay optimistic; not lose hope.
overoptimistic combined form of optimistic.
Pollyanna in an early twentieth-century novel by Eleanor H. Porter, the heroine and title character, who is always happy and optimistic. [2 definitions]
positive approving or optimistic. [1/13 definitions]
rise to become more cheerful or optimistic. [1/24 definitions]
roseate optimistic, favorable, or encouraging. [1/2 definitions]
rose-colored optimistic or favorable in outlook or appearance, sometimes unrealistically so. [1/2 definitions]
rose-colored glasses an optimistic or overly favorable attitude.
rosy optimistic, promising, or favorable. [1/4 definitions]
sanguine having an optimistic temperament or outlook. [1/3 definitions]
sanguineous confident or optimistic; sanguine. [1/3 definitions]
starry-eyed naively or romantically idealistic; unrealistically optimistic. [1/2 definitions]
upbeat (informal) optimistic and cheery. [1/2 definitions]