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bandstand a raised platform, often with a cover, used for outdoor band or orchestra performances.
bass1 the largest stringed instrument of the orchestra, having the lowest range of pitch and played with a bow; double bass. [1/5 definitions]
baton a thin rod or stick used by a conductor in leading an orchestra. [1/4 definitions]
brass (pl.) the group of players of brass instruments within an orchestra or band. [1/6 definitions]
chamber orchestra a small orchestra that plays pieces suited to its size.
concertmaster the leader of the first violins of an orchestra, and usu. the assistant conductor.
concerto a musical composition for one or more solo instruments accompanied by an orchestra.
dress rehearsal a full and uninterrupted rehearsal of a production that includes costumes, scenery, orchestra, and the like, usu. the last rehearsal before performance.
opera1 a dramatic work set to music, with an accompaniment by an orchestra. [1/3 definitions]
oratorio a musical composition for voices and orchestra without costumes or scenery, usu. dramatizing a biblical subject.
orchestrate to write or arrange (music) to be played by an orchestra. [1/2 definitions]
philharmonic of or relating to a symphony orchestra. [2/3 definitions]
pit1 the often depressed area reserved for musicians in front of the stage in a theater; orchestra pit. [1/14 definitions]
podium a raised platform, as for a speaker or orchestra conductor; dais.
pop concert a concert by a symphony orchestra playing popular and light classical music. [2 definitions]
proscenium the part of the theater or stage located between the curtain and the orchestra pit or the first row of seats. [1/3 definitions]
rhythm section the instruments in a band or orchestra that provide the rhythmic beat, such as drums or a bass guitar.
ritornello a section for full orchestra recurring in a concerto grosso or as the refrain of a rondo. [1/2 definitions]
section a division of an orchestra. [1/9 definitions]
symphonic of or pertaining to a musical symphony, or to a symphony orchestra. [1/2 definitions]
symphonic poem a composition for a symphony orchestra, usu. in one movement, that is evocative of a story, idea, scene in nature, or other nonmusical theme.