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absurd the condition of consciously existing in a universe that lacks order and meaning. [1/2 definitions]
absurdity something that is absurd or lacking in order and meaning. [1/2 definitions]
accession to catalogue in order of acquiring, as in a library or museum. [1/5 definitions]
aerate to expose to the circulation or chemical action of air in order to ventilate or cleanse. [1/3 definitions]
after behind in time, order, or place; later than. [1/12 definitions]
aggression The use of force or violence against another in order to dominate or achieve one's own aims. [1/3 definitions]
aim to position in order to point in the right direction. [1/8 definitions]
alignment the state of being aligned; arrangement in a straight line or logical order. [1/4 definitions]
all-nighter a night spent without sleeping, esp. in order to work on something.
alphabet the letters of a written language, esp. if in the standard or customary order. [1/2 definitions]
alphabetic pertaining to or arranged according to the standard order of an alphabet; alphabetical. [1/2 definitions]
alphabetical pertaining to or arranged according to the standard order of an alphabet. [1/2 definitions]
alphabetize to arrange according to the standard order of an alphabet.
ambitious requiring great effort in order to be realized. [1/2 definitions]
amiss out of the proper course or order; wrongly; mistakenly. [1/2 definitions]
analysis careful scrutiny of constituent parts in order to thoroughly understand the whole. [1/4 definitions]
anarchic devoid of control or order; lawless. [1/2 definitions]
anastrophe reversal of the normal sentence structure or word order, as in the sentence "To the battlefield rode the commanders."
anatomize to dissect (a plant or animal) in order to examine in detail the structure or location of various parts. [1/2 definitions]
antibusing opposed to busing students between school districts in order to achieve racial balance in schools.
antiserum a serum containing antibodies to be injected in humans or other animals in order to immunize them against one or more diseases.