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all-natural containing only ingredients or materials that originate in nature and are not artificially created.
come to issue or originate (usu. fol. by "from"). [1/12 definitions]
conceive to begin or originate. [1/6 definitions]
derive to come from a source; originate (usu. fol. by "from"). [1/3 definitions]
generative able to produce or originate. [1/2 definitions]
grow to arise or originate. [1/7 definitions]
hatch1 to originate or produce. [1/5 definitions]
initiate to cause to begin; institute; originate. [1/4 definitions]
invention the ability or capacity to invent, devise, originate, or imagine; inventiveness. [1/5 definitions]
joint a place on the stem of a plant where the growth of a branch or leaf originates or will originate. [1/13 definitions]
originative having the capacity to originate.
Promethean one who acts boldly to create, originate, or bring something to life. [1/3 definitions]
radiant a point or object from which heat or rays of light originate. [1/3 definitions]
rise to originate; issue. [1/24 definitions]
spring to originate or develop from someone or something. [1/22 definitions]
stem1 to originate or arise (usually followed by "from" or "out of"). [1/9 definitions]