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backpack a pack used to carry objects, esp. camping gear, on one's back; knapsack. [1/3 definitions]
bale to pack and secure (something) in bales. [1/2 definitions]
barrel to pack into a barrel. [1/6 definitions]
box1 to place or pack in a box. [1/9 definitions]
bridle path a wide trail used for horseback riding, pack horses, or the like.
card1 one of a pack of small pieces of thick paper printed with designs and numbers and used for playing various games such as bridge, poker, and the like. [2/4 definitions]
cinch a strong strap for securing a pack or saddle on an animal; girth. [1/6 definitions]
cold pack a treatment involving the application of a cold sheet or ice pack to a patient's body, to reduce swelling or relieve pain. [1/2 definitions]
crate to pack in a crate. [1/3 definitions]
crowd to press, push, or pack tightly together. [1/9 definitions]
decamp to pack up gear and leave a camp. [1/2 definitions]
deck a pack of playing cards. [1/6 definitions]
doggie bag a bag or box in which a restaurant will pack leftovers of a patron's meal to betaken home, presumably to be fed to a pet.
faro a card game in which the players gamble on the cards as they are drawn from the top of the dealer's pack.
fasces a pack of rods surrounding an ax so that only its blade projects, used esp. during ancient Roman times as a symbol of power and authority.
heavy-laden heavily loaded, as a vehicle or pack animal. [1/2 definitions]
ice bag a small waterproof bag that is filled with ice and applied to a part of the body to relieve swelling, pain, or the like; ice pack.
ice pack see pack ice. [1/2 definitions]
jam1 to force or pack tightly into a small space. [1/12 definitions]
overstuff to fill or pack (something) too full. [1/2 definitions]
packsaddle a saddle esp. designed to accommodate the load carried by a pack animal.