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bundle a package wrapped to make it easier to carry. [1/6 definitions]
cover letter a letter of explanation enclosed with a document, package, or the like.
docket a label or ticket on a package that lists contents or states any particulars about it, such as assembly or operating instructions. [2/7 definitions]
gross weight the entire weight of a package, shipment, or the like, including materials such as packaging.
mail1 to send (a letter, package, or the like) by means of the postal service. [1/4 definitions]
messenger a person who transports and delivers a message or package, or does this regularly as a job.
overpackage combined form of package.
-pack a package containing (so many) items, usu. cans or bottles.
pack1 a group of items arranged together in a container, or the container itself; package. [1/16 definitions]
parcel a thing or group of things wrapped or packed together for carrying or shipping; package. [1/4 definitions]
pkg. abbreviation of "package."
post3 (chiefly British) to put (a letter, package, or the like) in the mail. [1/7 definitions]
readdress to alter or correct an address on (an envelope, package, or the like). [1/2 definitions]
repackage to package again or in a different or more attractive way.
sack1 to place or package in a sack or sacks. [1/7 definitions]
soapbox a box or crate used to package soap. [1/2 definitions]
ticket a label or tag, usu. attached, bearing information as to contents, price, or destination, as of a package, shipment, or garment. [1/10 definitions]
undo to release, unfasten, or unwrap (a button from a buttonhole, a catch or lock, string tied around a package, or the like). [1/3 definitions]
unpack to take (something) out of a package, suitcase, or the like. [3/5 definitions]